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Nanovi effectively reduces oxidative stress, repairs damaged proteins, strengthens the immune response, and enhances antioxidant defense. Nanovi improves protein repair and folding, while also addressing damage caused by toxins, heavy metals, chemicals, and pesticides found in our air, food, and water. This powerful treatment also aids in building a robust immune response, boosts energy levels, supports detoxification, and reduces inflammation. Nanovi is an excellent addition to all healing modalities.


What does Nanovi do? Nanovi is designed as an easy way to influence protein folding and function. It uses the unique properties of ordered water (also called exclusion zone or EZ water), which surrounds all proteins and is known to influence protein folding.

How does it do it? Water droplets in a humidified airstream are exposed to specific signals as they pass through excitation units inside the NanoVi device. You inhale the enhanced humidity from a touch-free delivery system or via a nasal cannula. This humidity must contact the mucus membrane in your nose, mouth, or lungs to initiate change in the cellular water. 

Why can’t I just drink ordered water? Ordered water cannot be stored in “bulk water”—the fancy term for water in a glass or bottle. An ongoing excitation of humidity by Nanovi devices is required to create the necessary ordered water.

How can NanoVi help with everything? All proteins are surrounded by water, so influencing that water makes it possible to assist any protein, regardless of its function. Since proteins do all the work in the body, improving their function could help absolutely anything in your body (whether it is noticeable or not).

What will I notice? It depends on your health status, how tuned in you are, and your stress level (physical or mental). The more attuned you are to your body, the less optimal your health, or the more stressed you are, the more you are likely to notice the difference. Most people recognize better sleep in the morning after using NanoVi. Some improvements may be almost immediate (like mental clarity or a buzz, more energy, or less stress). Other things can take more time (such as vision, healthier skin, more effortless fat loss, or changes to a chronic condition). Improvement in recovery is easy to notice for high-performance athletes.

Proteins must fold into complex 3D structures before they can perform their functions in the body. Improving protein folding is the point of Eng3’s technology. 

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