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Slimming BodyWrap

Real Results & Lasting Transformation

Experience the best of Provence France, with our revolutionary Slimming Body Wrap. Designed to sculpt your body and enhance your skin's health, this treatment uses advanced creams to target water retention, toxins, and excess fats. Whether you're looking to kickstart a detox program, enhance your current detox regimen, or slim down for the season, our wrap offers the perfect solution. As you relax in our infrared heating blanket, enjoy the benefits of improved micro-circulation and effective lymphatic drainage. Let yourself unwind completely as the detoxifying and beautifying creams work their magic, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and transformed.

Why Choose Our Slimming Body Wrap?

  • Fat Reduction: Our wrap aids in accelerating the metabolism of fat cells, which contributes to significant weight loss.

  • Skin Firming and Toning: Notice a visible firmness and tone in your skin from the very first session.

  • Detoxification: It effectively flushes out toxins, boosting overall circulation.

  • Stretch Mark Reduction: With regular treatments, the appearance of stretch marks visibly reduces, enhancing the texture of your skin.

  • Lasting Effects: Enjoy the dual benefit of immediate visible results and continuous fat-burning action—the wrap continues to work for up to 12 hours post-treatment, burning calories for two hours after application.

Benefits Beyond Slimming

  • Cellulite Reduction: Reduce the visibility of cellulite and fat deposits, smoothing your skin for a more toned look.

  • Detoxification and Slimming: Promotes a deep detoxification process, with visible slimming of your silhouette, helping you feel lighter and more vibrant.

Note: The Slimming Body Wrap accelerates body slimming and detoxification process. For optimal results we recommend 6-12 wraps within a 2 month period, and a maintenance of one session per month, or as needed. This amazing body wrap is especially advantageous if you are not already following a regular detox schedule. 

Truly Enhance your beauty, and unleash a more confident you. Experience the change from the first treatment and see lasting results that redefine your silhouette. 

Session Time: 90 min.  
Single Treatment $225
Package of 12 $1,980