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Client Reviews

Welcome to my Client Reviews page!  I am delighted to share the experiences and kind words from those I've had the privilege to assist. Your support has been instrumental in shaping my journey, and I am deeply grateful for each and every one of you. With heartfelt appreciation,

Madeline 💗

"To speak of Madeline Michaels as a "massage therapist" is like calling Tiger Woods a duffer, or Picasso a Sunday painter. Actually, the difference is even more extreme because even the average golfer goes on a golf course, and even a beginner painter smears some paint on the canvas, whereas the average massage therapist couldn't even pretend to Madeleine's skills. A gifted healer, she takes time to figure out what's wrong, listening, asking probative questions and making careful observations of how you move an affected part. She works on injured areas in ways that are highly skilled, sensible, and healing--much as a physical therapist might. Madeline understands body mechanics and communicates well so that you understand what's not functioning correctly and why not. Perhaps most importantly, she teaches you exercises-- protective stretches and strengthening moves--that enable you to participate in your own health. She is the "goto" person for anyone in the tristate area in need of bodywork short of medical intervention."  
Don Friedman, Author

"Madeline is a miracle worker! She is a master at bodywork. Whether you need to alleviate pain, redefine your body shape, gain flexibility, need a great massage, or center/ground your well-being, Madeline is highly qualified, trained, and skilled to relieve your body of unwanted pain & stress. She helps you become YOU!" 
Lizzie T. Jazz Singer and Vocalist, East Village NY

"Madeline, Take a bow! You deserve praise and recognition for your devotion to improving the health of people who are fortunate to know you."
Diane La`Regina Manhattan NY

"Madeline is a miracle worker! I've tried a lot of massage therapy for my horribly bad back, but no one even comes close to Madeline. She is truly in a league of her own."
Vibeke J. Brooklyn NY

"Madeline is the absolute best practitioner! I have trusted her with my well being for over 20 years and she has always exceeded my expectations. I have recommended many friends over the years who have also become loyal clients.   Her approach takes into account your body and emotional well being. My entire family has benefited from her services.  She is intuitive, generous and truly caring.  I highly recommend her BodyFeelGood Studio!!"
Patricia M. Manhattan NY

"I have been seeing Madeline for a year and find her to be professional and caring. I walk in feeling tension and I leave relaxed, AND with a more beautifully shaped & toned body. She is amazing! 
Rachael Thomas NY

"Madeline, I can't remember when my back felt this good, and my shoulders look lower as well. The cupping you did was terrific". 
Pamela NYC

"I go to Madeline for top of the line bodywork. She is par excellence extraordinaire - the gold standard." 
Eleanor NYC

"Madeline Michaels has been a Godsend to me. I have arthritis and after her therapeutic massages, I am able to function again. She has magic hands!  Also, she is very caring and provides Nutritionals that are incredibly helpful. I am very fortunate to have found her. THANK YOU MADELINE!!" 
Susie Kransz 

“Madeline's profound love of life and desire to learn and expand with consciousness reflects in her work. She is a true guiding light to others.” 
Esta Libero LMT 

"Madeline i wanted to thank you....You are the one of the main people who have really turned things around in a positive direction for me this year - you got me walking again with my pelvic fracture so I think of you very positively and very appreciatively." 
Carole Obedin PSTP NYC 

"Madeline, no words can express how grateful I am to have met you, for your kindness and dedication, for your commitment with your work , for the extraordinary therapy I received, for your advices, for giving me all those tips. THANK YOU! I think you are very special person. And I mean very special....thank you for your time..... I think your were God sent with out a doubt. No words can express not only my gratitude but my admiration for the commitment you have! It’s so special and gratifying to meet people like you. It’s really a gift! And I feel blessed."
Rosa Montori NY

"Thank You Madeline for Everything you have done for me. Your Commitment, Patience, and Care." With Love ~
Jim Fazio, LMT, CSI, UTP (RIP)

"In this day and age its very rare to fine a person who is as nice and helpful as you are. Best of everything!"  
Katherine Knight

"Madeline, If I haven't thanked you before, I will now and continue to appreciate you gracing my life with your presence. There aren't enough genuine people and once you meet them, and they embrace you as is, there's nothing else in the world like it."  
K. Shands

"Madeline: I want you to know how deeply grateful I am to have you in my life! The time and energy, and genuine care and concern you gave me did not go unnoticed. You are a shining star in my life, and will always hold a special place in my heart for you."
Jay Ciniglio, Personal Trainer 

“Thank you for the beautiful session, the wonderful exchange.You are a gifted body worker, Madeline on many levels -- good at explaining, at doing, open to receiving and of a harmonious consciousness. Also, I have not felt such a release of energy in a long time. My legs and hips are feel SO much better.  This skin rolling is one of the best."
Pamela Markely LMT 

"Madeline, I feel great reverence for you and your work, please consider my thoughts: I believe you bring the possibility of change on a cellular level through chemistry and emotion - in the same way prayer does with vibration. You have a great mission!! I am honored to witness it."
Lisa Roselli Business Branding & Artist 

"Madeline knew just what my body and mind needed. Her massage and bodywork were incredibly effective at removing my back pain and bringing me to a sense of overall peace and comfort. She also gave me some excellent nutrition tips and new exercises to do.  She is absolutely terrific!"
Jan Goldstoff, Publicist, New York City 

"Dear Madeline, I'd like to share with you my comments regarding my Ondamed biofeedback therapy experience.  I am pleased to relay to you that it's been 3 months since I started the Ondamed therapy with you and have never been happier.  I haven't had any abdominal pains and coupled with sensible diet and exercise, I feel more energetic and less bloated.  I have felt an inner glow and feel positive and generally optimistic on things.  My friends have asked me "what is it I'm doing" that makes me have that glow and energy.  I was so proud to let them know about Ondamed.  I firmly believe that by optimally utilizing the resources available, other than Western medicine, we should be able to overcome a few medical issues.   We can only hope, think positive and I know this helps in aiding one's general well being and health.”
Sarah B.

“Ondamed is a great tool in helping me overcome my painful decision on hysterectomy.  I am not, and will not go through this because the results are encouraging.  My uterine fibroids have not grown and are stable based from my last appointment with my OB-GYN.  Since then, I haven't experienced abdominal pain or cramps.  I can only hope this lasts forever and I believe it will.  Thanks to the Ondamed and ongoing support from you, Madeline!” 
T. D. L New York

"I read an article in W Magazine about holistic and therapeutic massages but didn't know of a good practitioner in New York.  Coincidentally, the day after I read the article, I discovered that my colleague just had an appointment with Madeline and gave a rave review.  I immediately called to make an appointment.  Madeline is very warm and professional, and she understands the body so well.  My experience was completely relaxing and comforting.  I never had any masseuse take so much care in working on my body.  She used long sweeping motions and graduated pressure that released all of my stress and tension.  I felt light and empty afterward, in a spiritual way.  I really believe that therapeutic massages are necessary to maintain your body and I highly recommend Madeline Michaels to anyone seeking this type of healing." 
Jessica Dang NYC

"Madeline, I just wanted to tell you...OH MY GOD.  I loved what this one treatment did for me and I can only imagine what a few more sessions will do. First of all, the day after our session, I was touching my skin, especially my thighs, and it felt like silk, almost like a baby's bottom.  Today, 2 days later, I feel slimmer like you said I would, and I swear to you, I don't see as much cellulite on the back of my thighs as before the treatment.  It's minimized a lot although of course there is a little still.  I can't explain it.  I feel like I inherited the legs of a 25 year old or time was rewinded to what my legs used to be.  I want to say thank you so much for everything.  I look forward to working more with you.  You have the greatest spirit and I loved the energy in your home.  You made me feel very welcome."  
Namaste, Celia Naschimento

"Madeline, you gave me such a wonderful treatment. And I just want to thank you so much in such a heartfelt way, because you've really done wonders for my body. My body has never felt this good! I just think you are great, and I love your approach. I mean my body has not felt this good for eons and that was with regular massage for a number of years!”
Elise Bornstein

"Skin deep massage with mild vibration and baguanfa suction cups on my back seemed to be perfect combination. I felt rejuvenated immediately as well as the following day. I can only imagine if this combination is done all over the body! Madeline I just wanted to say that you are a blessing in my life."
Faith NY

"Madeline, our session was so great it was unreal. What an outer body experience.  Thank you for trusting in me to take me to the next level.  I cannot begin to tell you how good I feel.  I look forward to the next energetic event. Thank you!"  Ernest Martinez, Kafka Construction New York 

"Madeline, Your work takes years off of my body"! Bruce Raphael
The Cosmic Chef NYC   

"Madeline, you are a master at what you do. You put your heart and soul into it and it shows..."
Donna Erlechman NY 

"Madeline I am feeling so much better! Much much better! More energy and less pain on my left side. I have to say it is better than helped me soooo much and I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve you"!  
Irma. T. NY

"Hi I must tell you yesterdays massage was just incredible. After getting a massage 3 times a month for years at health clubs and around the world -- yesterdays session with you finally focused what my body needed... T L C   THANKS AGAIN" 
B. Kahn NYC  

"Madeline, I am feeling so much better. I can't thank you enough" 
Pam Potischman, Teacher and Educator Brooklyn NY

"Madeline, not only are you the best massage in NY, but the best massage in the World."
Steve Christmann NYC  

“Dear Madeline thanks again for the wonderful massage. Visits with you are
always nourishing.” 
Marisa Flood NYC

"Your massage is to be remembered!"
Giovanni.Gabetti, Milan, Italia (RIP)

"Madeline, you are so sweet and thoughtful, and the best massage therapist in the city of New York, if not the world"! 
Arlene Spiegel NJ

"Madeline has a wonderful sense of compassion and empathy when she works on issues that you're dealing
with physically as well as emotionally. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to feel better. "
Celeste DeCamps Movement Therapist @ Authentic Voice