Fascia Blasting

Fascia Blasting

Based on Ashley Black's Fasciology™ this form of work uses a self treating tool to loosen fascia and improve overall health. I have been using this myself and I can easily say, hands down, this is by far one of the best tools out there for overall physiology health. I am excited to bring this into my Bodyfeelgood™ practice and hope to share this with you!

 What Fascia Blasting can do for you:

  • Reduce pain & inflammation
  • Break up scar tissue, adhesions & knots
  • Increase flexibility
  • Release tension
  • Lessen stress on joints
  • Allow for better skeletal alignment 
  • Allow joints to function properly
  • Improve muscle performance
  • Eliminate cellulite

Sessions can last between 1hr to over 2 hrs depending on your tolerance. Sessions also include targeted and local infrared therapeutic heat. Be advised this is not full body infrared. Heat is specific to areas being worked on. 

For women whos goals are specifically reduction of cellulite; success rate is individual. You must do your part by hydrating properly and keeping a clean diet. I can help you with your dietary questions and offer guidance. I am happy to say that I see great results with my clients. I am here to support you in any way I can. 

Sessions include:

  • preheating, Infrared and/or moist heat
  • deep percussion therapy
  • fascia blasting
  • lymph drainage massage
  • stretching and strength movement 

Contraindications for Fascia Blasting 

If you are on blood thinners or have a history of blood clots, consult your trusted healthcare professional about using the FasciaBlaster. We do not endorse use by anyone who is taking blood thinners or has a history of blood clots. Any use of the FasciaBlaster or any Blaster product is at your own risk. 

Never use a FasciaBlaster product on a pregnant tummy!




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