Enzyme Nutrition

The digestive system is the “heart” of your health, since nutrition and digestion constitute the main factors that control overall health. Every health condition that you deal with is ultimately related to the acquisition of nutrients.

Meet Dr. Howard Loomis:
Watch our video: "Restoring Your Health Naturally". It will give you better insight to our Digestive Enzyme Therapy Program/ The Goal of this program is to determine the Source of Stress (SOS) so that you can go into a state of REST-ORATION.

The main goal of a Loomis Digestive Health Specialist is to help you maintain good health, and improve your health so to prevent any problems from coming down the road. The starting place of a good nutritional program is to look at the following:

  1. What is ingested?
  2. Is it being digested?
  3. Is it being absorbed & assimilated?
  4. Does it get eliminated properly?

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As a Digestive Health Specialist I use proven and time-honored standards to nutritionally support the body and recognize that the best sources of nutrients are whole foods with contents that act synergistically when properly digested and assimilated. My Enzyme Nutrition program is tailored to the uniquness of each individual. A Free initial consultation by phone is available. 

For more detailed info regarding the different aspects of this program click here to contact Madeline. 

     Madeline Michaels LMT, LDHS