Skin Rolling

Skin Rolling Madeline's Favorite!

This is a holistic non invasive alternative to harsh and drastic cosmetic surgery. The purpose is to alleviate pain and reduce aging and give skin a vital youthful glow.

Skin Rolling is the practice of lifting the skin up and away from underlying layers of the body and then rolling it with gentle pressure. It is one of the few bodywork treatments that deals exclusively with the health and appearance of the skin (aside from fascia blasting). Our skin is a living garment, and Skin Rolling is like sending this garment out for cleaning, pressing and alterations. 

Major benefits of Skin Rolling:


Our skin is a self-reproducing, self-repairing cover for the body. Our body is 70% fluid, and just as in a water balloon, when pressure is applied to one side and the water is forced everywhere else equally within that balloon, Skin Rolling similarly moves fluid throughout the body, using a continual, gentle, rhythmic motion to flush, rinse and cleanse the skin and tissue by massively circulating blood, lymph and oxygen. This results in the optimal functioning of:

  1. the lymphatic system's sewage removal activity, and
  2. the circulatory system's nourishing of tissue with nutrients and oxygen.

This two for one effect produces a profound revitalization and restoration in the whole organism. Skin Rolling is a powerful, natural and common sense adjunct to daily exercise. It is also a potent stimulant to the lymphatic, circulatory, respiratory and eliminative systems of the body. A series of Skin Rollings gradually erodes dense, thick and tough tissue, thus restoring the elastin and collagen balance of the skin. Scars, discoloration and cellulite can eventually be dissolved and removed by the natural functioning of the body itself.


The healthiest and most beautiful skin resembles liquid crystal, i.e. it is brilliant in the reflection and production of light. Furthermore, this skin is as soft, elastic and supple as a puppy or kitten's pelt. It is not stuck or tender, nor does it adhere to underlying layers of the body. It is our cover or body stocking holding everything together and it is uniquely decorative. Few materials in the world can compare to the feel of human skin.


Since Skin Rolling restores the skin's resilience and elasticity, it effectively removes age from the body, often rolling back the years with dramatic improvement in the client's appearance.


When the skin is thick, stuck, and tender it is indicative of unresolved issues. Embryologically, skin is formed from the outside edge of the brain and is, in fact, formed from identical tissue: ectoderm. Skin Rolling acts, in effect, as a brain massage helping to eliminate memories, ideas, attitudes, impressions and behavior that may no longer be appropriate. Skin Rolling helps us to become UN-stuck in our lives so that we may move forward. The unique stimulation of Skin Rolling feeds the rich concentration of nerve endings in the skin, positively affecting the entire nervous system. A single treatment routinely reverses negative emotional and mental states. Clients experience a feeling of well being and profound relaxation, and the long-term benefits are cumulative and enduring.