Only scalar energy is perfect energy without entropy or loss of signal. 5G frequencies are harmful to human health. WE CANNOT block these 5G frequencies as they will soon permeate the atmosphere.

Scalar Energy Balancing devices placed around your body and in your homes will pulsate a constant scalar energy to offset the hostile effects of 5G millimeter pollution. However, this does not prevent actual exposure to EMF radiation.

Sadly, there will be many adverse side effects to be attributed to 5G technology as the atmosphere in urban settings will eventually be flooded with this EMF presence. Scalar is the only palliative solution to this ubiquitous environment. 


Newly emerging companies that offer scalar products are helping to bring hope to this ongoing problem. I will soon be listing the companies that I have personally tested for their effectiveness on myself, my family, and my cat. Please contact me if you would like to be placed on my mailing list for updates on this topic. 

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