QRS stands for "Quantron Resonance System" a premier pulsed electromagnetic field system based on a special magnetic therapy signal with a wide range of therapeutic effects. QRS ® is officially approved as a medical device and patented internationally. The research project is certified in Europe. 

Here at the Bodyfeelgood Studio QRS can be used before, or after healing sessions and any type of bodywork including Fascia Blasting. With the QRS, clients benefit from improved circulation, increased oxygen in the bloodstream, boosted cell metablolism, and an overall increase in energy. When used regularly it can prevent osteoperosis. 

The famous Quantron Resonance System is the premier pulsed electromagnetic field system of choice, preferred by more Astronauts, Professional Athletes, Healthcare Practitioners, Hospitals, Medical Clinics, and Health Spas over any other system.

Where QRS is being used today:

  • MIR Space Station to the MARS Space Program
  • NBA to the Olympics
  • Vatican Hospital 
  • Medical Clinics & International Antiaging Spas

When it comes to space travel it was the QRS System that was chosen for the MIR Space Station to protect the astronauts from decreasing bone density and circulatory problems encountered in a weightless state.The MARS Space Program has also chosen the QRS to protect the health of astronauts traveling to the Red planet.

"In order to maintain good health, our astronauts need to use the QRS on their flight to Mars!"
Professor Dr. of Medicine, V. M. Baranov, 
Medical Director at EUROSPACE in Moscow