As we navigate the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis together, we’re committed to closely following updates and keeping everyone’s health top of mind. We thank you for your amazing patience, and for supporting all New Yorkers and First Responders during the past few months. 

How we are keeping our space clean for your safety:

  • No shoes allowed in the work space (disposable slippers will be provided to you)
  • Routine cleaning with soap and water on floors
  • EPA approved disinfectant used on all objects and surfaces
  • Practitioner wears a face shield at all times
  • Practitioner wears gloves during session and clean up
  • Clients are spaced out to only 1 per day, 4 days per week

We’ll be updating this page regularly to share the latest information and how it relates to the massage therapy profession. For more information and questions about our services you can email us by visiting the contact me page, or simply by clicking here